Top Snap | A range of real estate visual marketing services from property photography to 3D property visualisation
In addition to high quality daylight, dusk, elevated or aerial photography, Top Snap can maximise the impact of all campaigns with a professional suite of visual marketing tools which include 360-degree virtual tours; standard, coloured, textured, interactive or 3D floor plans, virtually furnished rooms, copywriting and property video.
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Property Photography

Top Snap photographers are specifically trained to shoot property, and are experts in capturing a property’s architectural and design highlights.


After the photoshoot is completed, our expert post-production team digitally retouches every image to further enhance a property’s appeal.

We specialise in Daytime Photography ensuring your daylight images are punchy and bright, whatever the weather.


Our photographers also maximise the impact of Dusk Photography by using natural and artificial light to build atmospheric tones and shadows, giving your property the real ‘wow’ factor.

Top Snap’s breath-taking Elevated Photography shows off a property’s location while giving buyers an overview of its boundaries and surrounding area.


Our carefully constructed Aerial Photography is captured using high-end digital cameras with stabilised lenses from an aircraft or helicopter.


Floor Plans

Laser-measured by our photographers and CAD-drawn by professional draughtspeople, our highly accurate and visually appealing floor plans help bring a property’s dimensions and layout to life prior to inspection.


Floor Plans can be customised to incorporate your own branding, and we can also simplify detailed council or architectural plans to produce a more user-friendly floor plan.

Choose from a range of options that include Standard B&W Floor Plans, Site Plans Coloured or Textured Floor Plans for added colour, texture and appeal.


3D artist impressions generated from detailed plans are also perfect for bringing yet-to-be-built residential or commercial properties to life.

3D Artist Impressions

Virtual Furniture

Images of empty properties are not as appealing as those with furniture, and gives buyers very little idea of perspective and size, making it difficult for them to imagine possibilities they could create in a home.

If vendors don’t want to invest in property staging or hiring furniture, both of which can be prohibitively expensive, then a more affordable option is to virtually furnishing rooms.

With this cutting-edge technique, images of real furniture are dropped into a room, then rendered with appropriate shadowing and perspective to ensure the look 100% realistic.

Property Marketing Tools

We can help maximise the impact of your marketing campaigns with a range of tools including Interactive Floor Plans360-degree Virtual Tours, Copywriting and FREE online Video Slideshow of your property.

An effective way to combine your photographs and floor plans is through an online interactive floor plan, allowing buyers to easily navigate through a home by clicking on each photo, giving them a great feel for its flow and layout.

360-degree rotating virtual tours are a powerful online marketing tool, allowing buyers to virtually inspect a property prior to the open home. Using our simple software you can also create a ‘video ‘ of your property, featuring a dynamic image slideshow with written commentary, set to music or your own voice-over.

Video Slideshow

Virtual Tour

Interactive Floor Plan

Snap Inspection_ver2
Virtual Tour
Peter 118 Borden Street2

Commercial Photography

Selling or renting commercial property?

As specialised property photographers we can conduct

professional photo shoots to show off the best of any

commercial property, including hotels, resorts, golf-courses, factories,

warehouses, office spaces and shopping centres to name just a few.

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